Lifeline Project Annual Review 08/09

Our Directorates

All our Directorates come together corporately at critical junctures including those of performance, workforce development, clinical governance and purposeful financing. We are working hard in localities to be fit for the future.


Across all Directorates our endeavours are to ensure that the work described in the following pages is carried out in a framework of continuing strategic development. This developmental approach requires a commitment to continuous improvement, financial conscientiousness, and a drive to achieve meaningful outcomes.
The following reports focus on further detail of the work underway in the Directorates.


In our corporate work across the Directorates we:
  • Focus on listening to, engaging with and embedding our responses at a local level
  • Listen to the voice of communities, groups and individuals about what works and what does not work
  • Engage rather than avoid the notion of gaps in need, and target our provision in support of quality end-to¬≠end delivery
  • Pay heed to the lines between criminal justice, health and social problems in our delivery pathways
  • Apply continuous quality monitoring across our services and ensure staff understand the commitment and skill levels required of them
  • Encourage contributions from the community including volunteering and feedback
  • Value our partners and understand the need to collaborate, and increasingly to create best value alternatives to narrow commissioning
  • Communicate with our commissioners towards the best outcomes for beneficiaries and stakeholders

We participate in matters affecting the sector and do not shrink from engaging with the complexity that substance use problems bring, nor do we wish for the voices of recovering drug and alcohol users, the vulnerable and marginalised, or workers and volunteers to be drowned out as the political and economic priorities move through a period of flux.

John Scampion

Lifeline Chair