Lifeline Project Annual Review 08/09

Integrated Treatment Services

Lifeline Kirklees


Lifeline Kirklees was recently awarded a three year contract by Kirklees NHS to deliver independent alcohol treatment services in Huddersfield and Dewsbury. The services, which are housed in premises separate from drugs services, will deliver structured alcohol treatment to 3,500 problem alcohol users during the life of the contract.


From April 2008 to March 2009 our drugs services assisted 1645 adults into effective drug treatment and provided 700 people with structured alcohol intervention and support. Lifeline Kirklees currently has 30 volunteers working across the services working in a variety of roles. Some of them have completed or are working towards their NVQ Level 2 Health & Social Care.

Lifeline Kirklees’ Peer Education accredited training programme trained over 130 substance users and led to volunteering, paid employment or further learning opportunities for many. Learners from our Mentoring programme were awarded the Learning Group of the Year Award by Kirklees Council at their Adult Learning Awards Ceremony.


Lifeline Hackney


The first year of the service operating within the Borough has been very successful.

Lifeline Hackney has now become recognised as one of the best performing Services in London. August saw 100% in care plan reporting, compared to the 65% for April, May, June and July.

This increase obviously does make up for the lack of reporting in the first quarter of the year, however it does show a significant improvement in the service.

Lifeline Hackney also continues to see much greater numbers of clients from the wider community.

In August Hackney saw 851 reported interventions with clients, which is a significant increase since Lifeline has taken over, which also highlights that staff are doing more structured interventions with their clients. This also has an impact on the quality of care and safety and improved clinical governance.

Service User and staff consultation in order to establish a whole approach when looking at future development and growth within the service, the feedback from both client and staff surveys is all very positive.

We are celebrating the achievements of the staff by having an achievement award, the first being on the 8th October 2009.
The coming year will see the services completely redeveloped and it is hoped the new Hackney services will become a flagship treatment services and continue its success.


Lifeline CDT Tower Hamlets


Over the last year CDT data has exceeded its TOP and Care Plan targets.


The introduction of six GP satellites during the last year has been very successful and a further two satellites will be started before December. The introduction of the new Needle Exchange service last November has been successful. The coming year will see many challenges as the service aims to be even more integrated with local partners for the benefit of the clients we serve.


Our aim over the coming year is to expand our level of Service User Involvement and develop a robust Aftercare Service.


Jackie Kennedy

Head of Directorate, Integrated Treatment Services


In this coming period, providers like Lifeline have a huge responsibility to our beneficiaries and our stakeholders, to the public and to ourselves. Over the past 10 years we have become strong enough and mature enough to embrace criticism and challenge and to be ready to meet the future (with all its uncertainties) head on.


Ian Wardle

Lifeline CEO